Saturday, May 30, 2015

First Visit to Prairie Farm

A week of summer-y firsts! Our friend Sailor joined us for a fun trip over to our favorite little farm in town to see some farm animals up close. Cassidy was a casual observer from her stroller last summer, and well, this summer is much different. Especially since she LOVES all things farm animals :)

Three week old baby cow below. So, so sweet.

Troy is very, very good with the animals.

Troy picked this baby goat as his favorite and spent a lot of time with his "little guy".

When Cass walked up, he was a little protective in looking out for the goat :)

The pig snouts were pretty awesome.

Summer days have been tuckering my littles out and they have been crashing HARD. Here's Troy a full hour before his normal bed time. Sweet boy :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

First Pool Visit: 2015

This might as well be a holiday in our family. (2014, 2013, 2012, 2011...)

Have I mentioned how much I love that my kids share my love for pools and swimming? Oh yea, because I do. While we had a house showing this afternoon (third in a week!) we headed out to Crystal Lake Aquatic Center for a fun time hitting the water! Troy has been BEGGING to go to the pool with the dumping bucket since it first started to warm up. And here we are!

He wasted no time... first one in when they opened!

Cass, meet "floaty chairs". The single best invention ever for a pool.

Our visit was much more relaxing than I anticipated. With two very busy little fish, I expected this summer to be full of me on my feet chasing after little people :) Alas, Troy is really pretty self-sufficient in the pool when he respects the boundaries I put out for him to play in, and Cass spent a long time playing in the very shallow area. I actually sat down and got some sun! Thanks, kids, for being truly awesome!

What's your Bible verse?

Ok, so normally I don't but into these silly apps at all, but a friend posted hers to Facebook and I realized it was spot on, so I put our names in and Mike and I were both pretty spot on, too :) Then just for kicks I ran the kids names so I'm including them here too. So I think I give this app two thumbs up for somehow pairing our names with Bible verses that seem to fit pretty well!

Memorial Day at Clinton Lake

With Mike out of town the first part of Memorial Day weekend, we decided to soak up the actual day of with some family time out at one of our favorite places, Clinton Lake. I was there last year with some friends, but Mike and I hadn't been there together since the early dating days :) I know we'll be going back, likely even this summer!

Clinton Lake is fairly decent sized, with lots of people boating and camping there for the long weekend. It turned out to be a beautiful day after a rainy morning start!

The boys checking out the boats, dreaming of one of their own someday :)

Playing on the playground equipment. There was a toddler-sized slide, but again, my daughter wants no part of it. Tallest slide in the park, please!

She's also quite the climber we're learning. This was the second ladder-type thing she climbed this week.

This might have well been called "cicada lake". There were cicadas EVERYWHERE. Troy enjoyed letting them land on him (well in the beginning, I think we were all tired of them by the end of the day).

While we had our picnic lunch, we pulled out a football and I got the cutest candids of Cass :)

Then we played with the different features on my phone. Thanks timer/burst, for making this one possible :)

Just taking a little break :) BDE (Best Daddy Ever)

We stopped at another playground to play and came across this tree frog. Mike showed him off to all the kids at the playground.

...and had quite the crowd by the time he re-located him to a tree.

We wrapped up with a second hike and headed back to C-U. 'Til next time, Clinton Lake!

Monday, May 25, 2015

"Thank you"

Cassidy loves to share. Really, she does. Instead of saying "here you go" or something to that effect, she hands you what she wants to share and says, "Thank you!" You know, because that's what WE say when someone shares with us :) Grammar is hard!

"Jumpy" the Toad

You may remember last year's epic event called "Frogapalooza" in our house. Troy has been talking about when the frogs would return since the fall and while we were talking to our next door neighbor (who has previously supplied us with some frogs from her yard), she found the first of the year! Troy was pumped! And our night's agenda was set :)

This kid. He said he was "snuggling" the frog. "Want to snuggle, Frog?" And he did this repeatedly.

Cass followed him around all night and of course you knew I'd have to let her get in on the action. She was pretty excited!

Rock Climbing with Friends

We had a rock climbing date with our friends Rosemary and Anya this weekend. Troy has climbed with Mike and I but not with a friend yet. He was looking forward to showing someone the ropes (pun intended, haha).

First, he scaled one wall quickly.

And then another. And another. By the third climb, the climbing director went up there and was coaching Troy on his technique a bit and challenging him further to try some different strategies. Again, I say, rock climbing is an INCREDIBLE activity for a kid in so many ways!

His friend Anya was a little nervous about the climb, so Troy and one of the instructors were talking to her and showing her how the rocks were on there.

Then she gave it a try! Way to go Anya!

Troy hit a record breaking four climbs in thirty minutes this session. Excited to see him keep trying this activity and challenging himself!

"The Stuff" Phase

I remember this toddler phase well, the phase of "the stuff". Every time they go somewhere, whether it be out to the car or up to their room they want to take "stuff" with them. Cass did this for the first time when we were leaving one day and she grabbed the Batmobile in one arm and a drum stick in another and walked to the door. She's looking at me like, "What, Mom!? It's my 'stuff'!"

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Last Days

This week brought an end to the routine we've known since mid-August on my work days! Summer has now arrived and is bringing with it a different pace, as the kids will be staying at the house on my work days with a sitter. As the year drew to a close, we snapped a few pics to commemorate it!

Below, Cass carries her lunch bag to the car every day. When the school year began in August, she was still being carried in an infant seat!

Reading books with Ms Carly. Every single day I dropped her off for the last several months, this is the sight I left :)

When Troy said goodbye to his teachers, I explained he wasn't going to be coming back to his classroom again the fall. At least he'll get to see one of his teachers around church and wave to them when we gets dropped off in the new classroom next fall!

Below: Mrs Walker, left and Mrs. Berg, right. Troy, middle, unenthused to be leaving his beloved "Joy" class.

This guy grew a LOT this year! Not only did he grow but he developed a lot of new skills. Some of the "practical" things that top the list are putting on his own clothes and shoes, writing his name, recognizing about half his letters and maturing a LOT in his listening and care for others :) Love you Troy!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Hurdle Love: 2015 Edition

Time to dust off the ol' hurdles again this summer :)

Cass "helping".

His form is looking good!

First Trip to the Dentist

Troy has actually been looking forward to the dentist for quite some time! Mike took a day off work so we could catch up on some family errands, and all of us got our teeth checked out in one fell swoop. Troy did great! And he loves his timer he got to tell him how long to brush his teeth each morning!

T-Ball Action Shots

Troy's favorite part of t-ball is batting. Here are some action shots from this past week.

And I had to include a photo of the cutest bench-crasher around. She happily sat next to her bro, who didn't even seem to mind his little sister hanging around :)