Saturday, August 29, 2015

Last Pool Trip of the Summer

With Mike gone through dinner time, the opportunity presented itself for the kids and I to stop by one of the special end of year, twilight swims at the pool. I love the pool. Simply love it. (This should not be a surprise to any of you, haha.) My kids certainly appear to enjoy it too. So making sure there's a "last" snuck in there after we get back to school but before they close always feels right :)

Big bro Troy was happy to push his sis in her stroller, even up a hill. He didn't even derail off the curb!

When we got in there, we went straight for the body slides, as they were set to close less than an hour later (at the end of the season during low attendance, apparently they don't keep all the features open and rotate through them - fine by us since there's still plenty to do and they reduce admission on those nights).

Troy the swimmer assured me he could swim all the way to the side after coming out of the slide. I let him try it 1) because I trust in his swimming abilities, 2) because there are guards and 3) the water was just *barely* over his head and I knew he'd be able to navigate it.

So this is how it went...

After he went up and down, again and again and again, we finally went over to the main pool. This girl and her tongue, my goodness!

It was so quiet and peaceful for a nighttime swim.

After awhile, they rotated features and opened the tube slide and lazy river. Another first for Troy! He lugged his tube up the hill and stayed seated safely down the slide....

Before floating around the lazy river repeatedly. Just like this :) Goggles, lounging and all :)

Cassidy was cold and getting tired so she got to change. Don't mind the tennis shoes in the pic. I only left one pair of flip flops unpacked and then they broke on me. And I have no clue what box they're in. So, tennis shoes at the pool.

On our way out we stopped for cones at the concession stand, a rare pool treat for us. Because if you can't do it the last night of the year, when can ya :)

Cheers to you, Summer 2015, its been a ball!

Orchard with Gramma

We were so glad to have a visit with Gramma while I got a few things checked off my "to-do-before-move" list :) After finishing everything I set out to accomplish, we still had plenty of time for some kitten snuggles before Gramma had to head back north!

Not my daughter's most flattering angle but the way she peeked under this fence at the mama cat was hilarious :)

Friday, August 28, 2015

Tour de Urbana - Stop #2 - Carle Park

We had to hit up this favorite Urbana playground as part of our "tour de urbana". A somewhat cool morning was the perfect weather for this awesome place!

Troy writes "Cunningham"

Troy found a new way to procrastinate bedtime. Tell Mommy he wants to work on his letters. He drew this picture before bed and then said he HAD to write his first and last name so everyone would know who made it. I spelled out Cunningham for him and he produced this (picture is of a dinosaur).

Bookie Monster

Cassidy is PASSIONATE about what she likes and wants. And she wants and likes "bookies". Not only do we ready a handful of them before I say goodnight, but we stack a bunch up on her bed before I leave so she can thumb through them in her bad. One night she didn't even wait until I left to dig in.

And another recent night, she fell asleep under Brown Bear, Brown Bear.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tour de Urbana - Stop #1

On our final countdown of less than 2 weeks until our big move, I hadn't planned on a tour de Urbana. But picked Troy up from school yesterday and he was asking repeatedly for a nature walk. So after Cassidy's nap we headed over to the nature center here in Urbana (we'd only visited once before) and that's when I got the idea to go on a Tour de Urbana this last 10 days or so, hitting some local landmarks. It's not that we WON'T go to them ever again, we just won't live 5 min away from them anymore.

Cassidy was in utero the only time we were here but of course, right up her alley as well as her brother's. Peeping into the turtle area here.

Troy was fascinated by the bees nest they had out that he could touch. Around now he said, "Mom! It's teaching me about nature. I LOVE nature!"

Then the fun part. Off on a walk. The woods attached to the center have a nicely built path all throughout the very reasonable loop for a toddler to be able to walk. Off we went...

I let down my mom-guard and let him go ahead of us a bit. We came up on him at this point when he was probably wrestling with the idea of hopping off and deciding it wasn't worth losing the privilege of walking ahead of us on the path, haha :)

Highlight! We came upon a family of about 10 deer LITERALLY right around us, on either side.

Loved seeing this as we wrapped up our walk. Troy complained about why it was so short but in mind it was just perfect!

Happy Birthday Liam!

Troy's friend Liam celebrated his fifth birthday recently. We had fun celebrating with him, his family and friends!

The highlight for Cassidy was climbing the treehouse ladder and sliding down the slide, repeatedly while her parents watched from across the yard. Girl loves freedom. Reminds me of another Cunningham kid I know :)

Highlight for Troy was the dinosaur that showed up (coinciding with when one of Liam's aunts disappeared, haha) and stirred up good old fashioned party chaos haha.

Cass was NOT a fan. Those eyes peered out from the treehouse the entire time the dino was "loose".

Happy Birthday, Liam!

Judah "Field of Dreams" Event

We had the opportunity to be some of the first out to the "Field of Dreams" Judah Christian school just opened up. Not only is Troy's preschool at Judah, but Mike's company did the facility, so it was fun to be there for a multitude of reasons.

Plus, my kids just love to be running around a football field.

Cass carefully studying the face arm painting Troy had going on. I'm going to walk in on a bad scene with a sharpie someday, predicting it now.

It was quite the complicated dragon scene the young girl worked up for Troy. He was a happy boy!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Mr Cookie Baker

Ever since we've dug into healthier eating, the number of times I bake in an average month or so has reduced by, oh, about twenty fold :) I LOVE baking, and Troy and Cass both do, too. Usually we will do it for small group or guests or get togethers, but I decided to bake cookies with Troy for no reason other than to do something fun to treat him. During naptime we pulled out the Kitchenaid and went to work. My happy cookie baker!

First Friday - "Girl Time"

A "first" is happening for Cassidy and I this fall, in that for the first time there is a regular time in our schedule when Troy is at school and its just she and I. I was feeling a "little" guilty for looking forward to this time so... and then I go back and look at my blog from late 2010-mid 2013 and realized how much one-on-one time I had with Troy and there was no need to feel guilty about a little time with Cass.

We started out with some Sesame Street in our pj's. She insisted "lap, lap" and since I was taking a slow morning, I happily provided her resting place :)

Then we knocked out all our cleaning. Trying to sell a house and all, ya know.

A little more screen time with the iPad while I folded laundry.

Got in our workout and did PiYo after our chores.

And had lunch together before heading out to pick up Troy at school. It was a fantastic combination of relaxing and productive and I look forward to our Friday mornings to hang out together :)

Thursday, August 20, 2015

First Trip to the Orchard - 2015

If our "welcome to summer" tradition is a visit to the aquatic center, our "welcome to fall" tradition is without a doubt, a visit to Curtis Orchard. (Throwback - 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011...)

I anticipate spending a lot of time here this fall :)

Cassidy's excitement over the farm animals was tangible :)