Thursday, December 3, 2015

First Snow!

Very rarely is the first snow of the year such a biggie! But this year it was! I was SO excited to look out our window and see a snow-covered landscape for the first time. And this was great because it didn't start snowing until about 6:30am, so right when we were getting up, it was starting. It was a blissful morning of "entertainment" for the kids and I watching it come down before we ventured out. 

We made cinnamon raisin french toast that morning. Have I mentioned how much I love my kitchen island?

And then there was this adorable scene when I stepped out of the room.

Hooray! Snow covered!

You ever have those moments as a mom where you think, "what can I come up with to give these guys something to do?" I told them to find every animal in the house to come gather around the fire. Upstairs. Downstairs. Whatever. Hour long in-house scavenger hunt with both children commenced.

Later on Cassidy snuck some animals away while watching the snow come down without her bro noticing :)

Then it was time to head out! We were all so excited! Check out the video below for one of our first moments out there, and Cassidy's first time really playing in the snow!

This is in the field right behind our house, its a common area many homes back up to it. After five minutes outside, Troy was running and chasing some neighbor kids and laughing up a storm. I love our neighborhood.

We also had a neighborhood girl spearhead a snowman-making event. Cassidy saw what they were doing and began traipsing across the field repeating "Princess Anna Snowman!" over and over and over (referring to Olaf I assume?) It was adorable. 

Since this snow happened the week of Thanksgiving (yes I know, I'm wayyyyy behind on blogging) I used this lovely turkey that's *supposed* to go on to a pumpkin to make a snow turkey :) The kids liked looking outside and seeing him peek back!

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