Thursday, December 3, 2015

Gramma Day - Trip to the Shedd

For the second year in a row, the kids, Gramma and I have had a Thanksgiving-week trip to the Shedd Aquarium. Quite possibly one of my favorite places to visit in Chicago with small children, we fit a TON into the day and the kids were fantastic for our tourist-y day. 

Waving to the diver is always fun.

I'm not normally one to post pics of just animals at the zoo, or just fish at the aquarium, but I have to post just a few from this trip. This fish and his incredible smile and lips, oh my goodness.

These little eels that pop up from the sand (and disappear to be able to hide from predators, per Troy's very extensive explanation - thank you, Wild Kratts).

This alligator fish was incredible too!

And this "shark egg" exhibit, where a living baby shark is growing in an egg for a four-month period before hatching. SOO cool!

The shark room was a huge hit and Troy's #1 thing he wanted to see. We hadn't told him we were going to the aquarium until right when we were getting ready to leave the house that morning and conveniently he was watching a show about sharks. I asked him if he wanted to see real live sharks and he put that iPad down pretty fast :)

My little sweetheart loved touching the sea stars!

And my mom captured this photo of me and the kids from across the touch pool. I rarely get pics "in action" with one or both of my kids so I will definitely appreciate having this one to look back on a sweet moment.

Gramma and kids' turn to touch :) 

And a video from the same exhibit. 

Troy's turn to touch the sea stars.

Not knowing how long our visit would last, we weren't sure if we would make "the show" or not. Turns out, we were there and right in the right spot when it was starting. So we headed in and thought we'd catch a little of it. This kid's smile when Frosty the Snowman came out for the "pre-show", oh my goodness.

I had to send this to Mike as I knew he'd be delighted in this Christmas show being perfromed pre-Thanksgiving (not! haha).

Someone was getting sleepy towards the middle. Gramma kindly stepped out with her and Troy and I stayed for the rest.

As the show drew to a close, the announcer said "and if anyone wants to come down and talk to the trainer, she'll be up here for questions!" Troy said, "I WANT TO!" So when we went down, he asked, "So what do you DO?!" And she kindly engaged in a conversation with him about her job, which he (of course) walked away from and said, "I WANT TO DO THAT SOMEDAY!"

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