Thursday, December 3, 2015

It's Joey!!

My best friend Nat has quite possibly the most squishably adorable baby I've ever seen. He's such a sweetie and even though I hadn't seen him in nearly six months, he gave me TONS of snuggles and love while we visited one morning!

Troy was so excited to see Joey for this visit, which I found incredibly sweet. He was very excited there would be "two boys" (he and Joey) there at our get together. He talked and sang to him...

Introduced him to the world of iPads and Wild Kratts...

And found a Melissa and Doug puzzle he thought Joey would like. And he did!

This was when he was waking up from his delightful nap he took in my arms :)

Troy also made him a "surprise" project which included the single best handwritten name he'd ever done. Check out that "R" folks!

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