Sunday, December 13, 2015

Joy Project

Beema passed along these nativity crafty kits to us at least two or three years ago and I saved them in with the Christmas stuff until our kids were old enough. And decided to pull them out today while Cassidy napped played with her babies in her room for two hours without falling asleep.

He assured me he could glue them himself. I hadn't let him use elmer's glue much at home but I let him at it. And guess what? He did outstanding!

He also didn't want any help. So he worked on this for a half hour or more and then I got to check it out. The one on the top was the "prototype" and the one on the bottom was the one he did all on his own. Nice work, Troy!!! Good job! (Happy Birthday Jesus sticker added to his for a little extra Christmas spirit.)

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