Thursday, December 3, 2015

Mommy Son Date - Christkindlmarket and Mag Mile Lights

After the success that was our Chicago adventure earlier this year, I wanted to take Troy on another Mommy-son date in the big city while we were up for the holiday. With Cassidy in the caring hands of Gramma and Grampa, my boy and I hopped the train and headed downtown to experience winter in Chicago!

That smile :) Riding a train and getting alone time with his mama, seems to agree with my boy!

When we arrived, Troy was definitely in love with what he saw. We hadn't even walked into the German Christmas market (Christkindlmarket) when he wanted me to take his picture in this particular spot.

Lots of snacks at every turn, so we had some kettle corn and hot cocoa. Together, as he dipped the popcorn into the cocoa. Whatever floats your boat son.

The market was right by Uncle Andy's office so he came and met us after work. Troy's love for Uncle Andy seems to have really taken off as he was SO excited to see Uncle Andy every time we got together. His running up to him in the middle of the market was pretty adorable :)

As we were walking back to the train, we passed the CBS news studio that was currently filming the 6pm news.

Of course I would take my kid into the heart of downtown and the most exciting highlight of the night would be a cement truck pouring cement. Again, "take my picture, Mom!"

After another train ride and a several block walk, including a piggy back ride for my boy (NOT easy with winter gear on!), we arrived on the Mag Mile! Troy's response? "This is boring, Mom." He was not impressed by the lights, hustle and bustle. And... done.

On our way back towards the train we stopped at the Shake Shack for some fuel. Troy enjoyed this part of the evening a lot too!

And since we had been piggy back riding FROM the train to the Mag Mile, I called a last minute change of plans and Troy got his first uber ride as we took uber right to the station and avoided the walking part of the evening. Yea for Uber!

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