Sunday, December 13, 2015

Restoration Dinner - Christmas

For several years, I organized a monthly dinner to serve at Restoration Urban Ministries. Earlier this year, I felt prompted to give that coordinating opportunity away, preparing for what, I did not know. But the Lord certainly did, as many things have been added to my plate since then. Even though we're not going every month any more, it is a deep desire of mine to stay connected at Restoration and to bring the kids several times a year, as not only its a great ministry in our community, but its the single best place I can take my kids to share how we can practically bless others in need that are right near us. The conversations about how some kids don't have money for toys, dinner on their table, their own beds/bedrooms, are ones I take seriously from Troy so he can somewhat understand.

I think he understands.

When we walked in and saw no less than a dozen people already lined up behind the table to serve, he was SO disappointed that he wasn't going to have a spot to serve that I realized I needed to find SOMETHING for him to do. So kindly, the new coordinator slotted him in right at the breadstick station. While I stayed close in the very beginning, I eventually talked to the woman next to him and asked if she could be his helper if he needed something so I could move my crazy toddler away from the food for 150 people mingle with the crowd. He did SUCH an awesome job serving EVERY single person a breadstick in that place! At one point, one of our pastors came up to me and said, "Not only is he serving breadsticks, he's wishing people a Merry Christmas, too!"

Troy told me on the drive home he was worshipping God that night by serving bread. I said, "yes you sure were!"

Cassidy did her part by coloring, eating two helpings of dinner (there was a LOT of food) and mingling, too. Thankful to have had a wonderful night there!

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