Monday, December 21, 2015

So I guess this means...

We've potty trained! Two weekends ago, I decided to take Cassidy out shopping for underwear and bought some Princess Anna (Frozen) undies and try to put her in them. That day we went through all seven pairs of underwear before 10am. Nope, not ready yet. But that WAS a catalyst to getting her interested in going on the potty and she did several times over the next week.

But the following weekend (in between Christmas events 3 and 4, while Mike was traveling) I woke up on Sunday and heard her in her room saying "Mommy...... Poopy...... Potty....." And so I took her. And the switch "they" all speak about had flipped. That day she was in undies.

And even though I feel like I lived in the bathroom for almost a week, she's rocking it. Undies all day except nap and bed. And I'm usually sticking her in a diaper for church and the Y (for now). As soon as I'm sure she's going or holding it when she's one of many kids in a group :) But even out running errands, all day at home or mornings at daycare, she's got it down! We've had some accidents but she's done great. Hey, if I will let her sit on my bed in undies and watch iPad we MUST be doing pretty good huh!?

And I do find myself saying the phrase "we need pants to leave the house" fairly often these days, too...

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