Friday, December 4, 2015

Trip to Brookfield Zoo

With Daddy landed in Chicago, 50 degree temps and another year of zoo membership gifted to us (thanks Gramma and Grampa!) we headed to Brookfield Zoo for a day of fun. We made a point to visit many of the "attractions" to really maximize what our membership had to offer. It was so fun!

Two carousel-riding dudes

Yea, Cass and I ended up sitting on the bench of the carousel about ten seconds after this.

From which point I got to get a perfect look at this sweet moment. The way this boy looks at his daddy. Pure adoration.

There were goats to pet hug.

Emu to chase.

Look whose kid is right on the heels of the emu.

Chickens to pet.

Lizards to laugh at.

A snake to get up close with. 

And birds to dodge poop from watch fly around. 

'Til next time, zoo! We love visiting you!

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