Sunday, December 13, 2015

Troy is Five Years Old!

(Check out what Troy was up to a year ago by clicking here.)

Words I'd use to describe Troy in a nutshell:

  • Fun-loving
  • Confident
  • Perceptive
  • Articulate
  • Delightful
  • Independent 
  • Creative
This year has been a big one for Troy. Everyone told me that four years old was amazing and they weren't lyin'. I have so loved this last year with Troy. He's grown into such a young man, that I feel like with each passing day we see more and more of who he is and who he will be as he grows. A few updates, as is customary for my year reflections.
Eating: Troy is still what I would call somewhat picky. However, it might not be in the sense that you would expect as its not like he only eats three foods and none of 'em are green. He really likes simplicity when it comes to food. Steak or a burger or a slice of ham or turkey. Veggies steamed or raw. He does really like the taco chili I make but otherwise he's not really a fan of a lots of things in sauces. He probably only eats dinner about half the time, if that, and we tell him that's it until breakfast and he's usually fine with that. Favorite foods include bacon, taco chili, steak and shrimp (yep, even just cold). 

Sleeping: Troy sleeps about 7:30/8 until 6:30 or so in the morning. Same as last year. He can play in his room before he goes to sleep and some nights he does for two minutes and other nights its wayyyy longer. We don't do quiet time in his room (not worth risking Cass up) but I have been "escaping" upstairs myself for up to an hour while he stays downstairs and has quiet time himself watching iPad, doing projects and making his own snacks. He's awesome :)

Learning: Troy can count to about 20, maybe higher depending on the day. He recognizes most of his capital letters, there's probably about half a dozen that are still a little questionable. His DESIRE to learn letters and talking about learning to read is growing and I'm thankful for that. He continues to hunger for information about creatures and nature and how things work. The number of facts he knew at the aquarium blew my mom and I away. He's insanely creative and we love that about him. Who knows what he will do with that as he gets older. Of course, some days, it is HARD to parent a creative child. I just want to say "can't you just color in a coloring book, child!?" haha. No such luck though. That's my kid :) He loves projects of any sort.

Playing: Troy's favorite things to play with are his matchbox cars, dinosaurs, and anything he makes himself. He still loves Batman and superheroes more and more. He LOVES playing outside. I cannot say this enough. The days he has to stay inside due to rain or cold he is just miserable it seems. I plan on letting him go outside as much as he wants all winter long, as long as he's not going to be getting too wet or cold. He enjoys playing with friends and has made several new friends in the neighborhood already.

Personality: Troy is an incredibly kind and generous kid. He's not perfect (nobody is) but his heart is absolutely huge. He loves his family and he loves to be a help and do things for himself. He CRAVES responsibility and when you give it to him, he soars. The more and more freedom and responsibility I give him (explaining how quickly it can or will be taken away if he doesn't honor our trust with that), the more positive behaviors we see from him. He is a great student and is always at "great day" when we pick him up from preschool (the highest "level" on the discipline chart). I love him to pieces and am so glad he's my son!

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