Sunday, December 13, 2015

Troy's (Actual) Birthday

Troy had his birthday on a Wednesday and we had already officially "celebrated" earlier that weekend, so we didn't have anything super duper special planned. When I picked him up from school, I did tell him there would be a few fun surprises coming his way that day, though :)

First up, after I got Cass down for nap, I went out to the car to retrieve a birthday cake donut from Pandamonium Donuts for him. I'd paid a visit to the donut truck earlier that day for myself for enduring 50 hours of labor five years earlier the birthday boy. He enjoyed this first treat :)

When Cass awoke, we ventured outside for our 50+ degree mid-December day and took a walk on the trails. I told him that the fact we were on a 2 mile walk in December was purely a gift from God :)

We had taco chili (his fav!) for dinner that night with a little shrimp appetizer. Troy LOVES shrimp and had asked if we could buy it earlier that weekend. I happily obliged.

At the very end of the night, Ms Laura, Leah and Ethan stopped by to take us around to see some lights in Mahomet. Troy liked the big displays and wanted to get up close :)

And he's already looking forward to turning 6.... 

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