Saturday, December 5, 2015

Troy's Turkey

When we returned to C-U from our Thanksgiving week away, we were blessed with a turkey. Then turkey ended up on a chair in Mike's office when he left from work one day, prompting a trip back later that evening to retrieve the still quite frozen turkey. We kept thawing him rather than re-freezing and ended up with a turkey ready-to-roll on a random weeknight, while Mike was on the road nonetheless.

So while we will all eat its' leftovers, I shall call this Troy's turkey. He came out looking quite good!

And oh was Troy pumped. He literally was eating it as I carved it.

And somehow snuck pieces of turkey up to bed with him that night. Not cookies or candy, folks (though I'm sure if given the opportunity, he'd do that, too). Nope. Troy snuck turkey to bed.

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