Monday, January 25, 2016

Frozen in time

Dear sweet girl, please do not grow too fast. Please stay little and sweet :)

"I sit Mommy," she says. "I love you Mommy!"

Gramma Weekend

In the middle of one of Mike's trips, we had Gramma cruise into town to spend a couple nights with us. It was perfect timing too, as it was a CRAZY busy couple days for me and it was so, so nice to know the kids were in great hands and I wasn't shuffling them all over the place. Thanks Gramma, you're the best!

The "Gramma melt" hasn't changed one bit as Cass has aged :)

Many games were played. Troy is SO into games right now. This was Chutes and Ladders.

Dining out one night and being SILLY!

On top of all the quality time the kids got with Gramma, I got my share too. Including several hours by the raging fire one night relaxing.

Sugar and Shots

For our last week's Friday girls morning, we had a couple errands to run, a visit with a friend and Cassidy's 2 year (plus a few months) check up. Observation 1 in reflecting on this day - my child wore a ton of pink that day. Observation 2 - my child consumed a lot of sugar that morning.

We started the morning with some coffee and a cake pop! #StarbucksGiftCardsAreAmazing

When it came time for her check-up, the crocodile tears arrived right away. Like when it was time for her to step on the scale and get measured. Oy. I knew it wasn't going to be an easy visit then.

2 yr 3 mo stats - 3 ft 1 in (94%) and 35 pounds (98%). She also has a "big brain" at the 88% for her age. The doc asked if she was speaking in two words and I answered an emphatic yes. Moments later when Dr Tripathy went to check her out she was impressed with her complete ramblings of "No touch me Doctor, no check my ears, check baby, no check CASSIDY!" She was also impressed that despite Cassidy's protest she stayed put on my lap and wasn't trying to run away or swat at the doctor. She's such a good girl, even when she's not happy about a situation. 

Can I give a shout out to our ped for a second? Continue to love her. I love that I don't have to put my child on an exam table when they don't want to get up there. I love that I can just hold her when they're giving her a vaccine instead of having people pin her down. I love that our doc will examine the baby doll in her lap first and not be in a rush to get our exam over with. So much appreciation for all those little things!

After our appt we ran into Meijer for a couple of quick things. Including some "rebound" ice cream. Because when your child is rapidly heading towards a meltdown at the doctor you start making promises about a treat as soon as you leave!

Snow - finally!

We haven't had much snow this winter, except for one random weekend in November. I'm NOT complaining but I am stating a fact for "future me" when I'm looking for pics of my kids playing in the snow from this winter. There just haven't been many of those moments yet.

Last week we had a couple inches. Cassidy enjoyed it for about 2.1 minutes. If that.

How incredibly stunning is this view?!?! Still pinching myself most days :)

"Tweet tweet"

We went to the fish/bird/misc pet store to walk around one day and Cass loved the bird room the best. Check out this video :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Indoor playground visit

It had been nearly a year since we'd visited this place. Cass has grown up a lot and I was really able to sit down, relax and catch up with a friend while they both played. My big kids!

Saturday Morning at the Y

A Saturday morning with no plans and all four of us together is a rare treat! To the Y we went. Because there's no place I'd rather be than sweating it out and having fun with our whole crew than there :)


Lego building with my boy...

... when Miss "I'll skip my nap" crashed on the couch for a late afternoon nap. 

Trying on boots with my daughter and turned around to see her having removed her own boot and attempting to put these fringed ones on by herself instead.

We got 1/8 inch of snow this past weekend. If that. And Troy just couldn't wait to get out there and "play". For 1.9 whole minutes.

"Hey Mom! Take this picture and send it to Dad. He said my scooter wouldn't work in the snow. Look. Maybe he'll believe me now."

The great floor project

Now in a new year (and a new season of single home ownership), we are ready to start tackling some projects around the house. First up? Getting something down on top of the cold concrete floor in the basement. Enter, foam tiles! We took all the measurements (and then took them again) and placed our order at A week later, a 48 foot semi showed up (scheduled ahead of time) to deliver our flooring!

Mike got right to work in laying it down that night. 85% of it came together super easily.

And the other 15% took exponentially longer as it had to be cut to fit up against the walls. Mike had major patience for this task and I was thankful for his laser focus on it!

Below left, play area "before". Below right, play area "after". So much brighter! Same with the second set of photos, before and after. Huge difference!

Even the area over by our storage looks awesome! Way to go, Mike!

Friday, January 15, 2016

2 going on 22

All growing up on me.

That is all.

All Day in Mahomet

It's just 15 minutes, I said.

We'll be "in town" (C-U) every day, I said.

I'll never shop at the (perceived to be but not actually by much) marked up small town stores, I said.

And then. I ate my words.

Now I pride myself on the rare day that the kids and I don't leave Mahomet ALL DAY. We recently had one of those days. Prepare for randomness.

Troy popped behind me at one point and insisted on giving me a back rub. He did an A+ job. Way to go, son.

The kids played incredibly well together, ALL DAY LONG. Now why on earth would I break up that party?! Instead I dug myself out of the laundry abyss all day.

We needed a couple small things from Walgreens (here in Mahomet of course). So we went for a 4.5 minute drive. Saw our daily dose of deer. Because yes we see them nearly every day.

And then we pulled over to watch them running and playing.

And then we got a #troyquotes moment. 

Yes my children talk to deer. We roll the windows down. #PleaseDontCallUsCrazy

The lake was all frozen on our way out of the woods. Looked so pretty!

Ready to party

If this doesn't say "I'm ready to take you on today, world," I don't know what does. Snack. Baby. Rockin' winter hat.

A privilege...

To say being a mom and spending so much time with these two is a privilege would be an understatement...

...even if it means hardly ever being "alone" anywhere I go during the day :)

To Gramma, Love Troy

When Gramma was feeling a little under the weather last week, I mentioned to the kids I was going to call and check on her. Troy said, "Let's not call, let's do something REALLY NICE." And he sat down to start drawing her a picture.

I love the pictures he draws that have a lot going on with them. This one is our house, Gramma, and Troy, and "decorations" outside. Also the sun. He later realized he forgot the garage and almost scrapped the whole thing. This is why I take photos of these creations before they lay around too long lol

Then we ended up on a late night FaceTime call that involved Troy doing the voice of a talking dragon into the call for Gramma. To say that he had us both cracking up would be an understatement. I think he was just glad he'd found a way to have me let him stay up a little past bedtime!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Smiles abound...

To say my daughter smiles a lot would be a tremendous understatement...

I'm dreamin' of Disney...

Apparently she's been eavesdropping on Mommy and Daddy's conversations and previewed the Cunningham family travel calendar for late 2016...

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Whenever I'm working, my kids are in great hands. Not just because they're safe but because they enjoy themselves and we have a good relationship with their care providers. Like this text I get from our sitter Carly asking permission to paint Cassidy's nails. Go for it, girl!

Cass LOVES her pretty nails. And is asking Carly for another mani-pedi already!

My caption for this is that my daughter has a cuter manicure than I've had since becoming a mom lol

And I seriously could not even handle the cuteness of the toes :)