Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Date Weekend: Commence - Mockingjay Part 2

Mike and I have seen all three of the first three Hunger Games movies in theaters, but this one we had a tough time making plans to go see. We joked that maybe it would still be around by my birthday weekend, when we knew we had "date weekend", thanks to my parents opening their home to the kids for an overnight stay. It was a long shot but imagine our surprise when it was STILL playing when this day rolled around!

Surprise #1 - this was sort of "second run" theater so the movie ticket prices were greatly reduced. $2.75 per person for a matinee, what?!?! These places still exist?!

Surprise #2 - the theater was AMAZING! Like better than the theaters I've paid $10+ per ticket to see the other movies in. We couldn't believe the amazing reclining chairs!

Not-so-surprise #3 - Movie theather popcorn is always amazing. No surprises here.

The movie was okay. Reading the book to finish the series was 100x better than watching the movie's version. But still glad to wrap this up and catch it on the big screen!

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