Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Family Movie Night: Inside Out

Our church hosted a family movie night, showing "Inside Out" and since we hadn't seen it yet (clarification: only Mike had seen it) we didn't want to miss it!

Cassidy was so stinkin' cute that night. She's waiting for the movie to start right up front with her little friend.

They also had lots of fun dancing around to the pre-movie music. Excuse the awful coloring in the video. It was really more about the giggles any ways :) 

The popcorn station was BUSY and the place to be!

When the movie got started, everyone spread out on the floor on their blankets and watched the movie. Troy didn't move the ENTIRE movie and Cass, while a bit more wiggly, did make it through the whole thing. So yay! Movie night success! Thanks, Mahomet Vineyard, for a super fun night!

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