Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Happy Birthday to me! ~32~

Post our amazing date night, we had a relaxing morning the next day (my actual birthday). Mike found his dream closet the moment we walked into the second floor of Ikea. Like seriously. Look at that pull out pants hanger. And his smile. #BigDreams

I was greeted with the biggest hugs and birthday greetings when we arrived back at my mom and dad's. And this great card from Troy!!

A quick story with Gramma before we got back on the road... thanks Gramma and Grampa for a fun time for Cassidy and Troy!

Did I mention it was the Superbowl too? We drove back to Mahomet and made it to church on time. Stayed afterwards for a chili cook-off and watched the first half of the game on the big screen. My taco chili didn't win this year... there's always the next. Gotta add more spice for this crowd apparently :)

Cassidy assumed her favorite "under things" position to watch this game.

And Troy disappeared for awhile... when we finally went looking for him, we found him watching a movie in the cafe with a group of kids (in the blue, up front). Thankful for that option for the kiddos! It was a fun night!

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