Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Happy Birthday to Me - AKA I Love Date Night

The last few years, Mike has made quite the deal out of my birthday. Truth time? I'll turn a year older happily any day with the kind of dates we've had to celebrate in recent years. This year, we decided to sit down across the table from one another at a legendary steakhouse chain, Ruth's Chris. ANYWHERE I get to sit down across the table from my hubby and have a meal with uninterrupted conversation is a treat. Make it somewhere like this and I just can't even.

This was what greeted us when we opened the menu! Holla at the birthday girl!

My salad started the meal with a bang. I knew we were in for a treat. The balsamic on this was even better than it looks here.

Dinner was filet and shrimp. And sides. And deliciousness. So much deliciousness. With a generous glass of wine to go along with it. My kind of meal!

A Ruth's Chris employee came to our table with a digital cam and took our picture, saying she'd be right back. She printed the pic and put it in a frame for us to take. Thanks Ruth's Chris, for capturing the moment!

And even though we had a chocolatier picked out to visit after dinner, it was hard to pass this up when it showed up at our table. Lava cake with berries. Mousse. Whipped cream. Oh my.

Some may have stopped there but we REALLY wanted to visit the chocolatier down the road. So we did. In short, this is exactly the type of place that needs to open up within 10-12 minutes of my home. Or not. Or yes. Dessert #2, I worked hard for you to enjoy this on my birthday!

Mike certainly enjoyed too. Their cupcakes were divine! My favorite person to see across a table :) Love you baby!

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