Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Just studying nature...

With temps what some Illinois-ans would consider "warm" for late January, the kids and I went on a walk to the woods. Note. The walk BACK seems a lot longer with two slightly chilled kids than the exciting walk TO the woods for the first time in weeks went!

Troy was amazed at the moss growing on the ground. He was full of questions about it and removed his gloves to touch it.

The #troyquotes of this adventure were when I told him to hurry up and he replied, "I'm busy studying nature!"

Not as many pics of Cass in this post as she nicely sat in her stroller for the walk. I let her out at our turn around point and we played around there for a few minutes before heading back.

Have I mentioned I love where we live!?

Letting my son walk down the hill to a frozen creek and walk ON said creek... coolest thing ever in his book! I took a deep breath and told myself all would be fine and he needed to explore if he wanted to... we were studying nature after all!

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