Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sledding 2016 Edition

Winter has been, um, mild this year!? Not complaining, just stating a fact. There have literally been two snows prior to this one we've had to do ANY shoveling for. And they both melted fairly quickly. So when today was a snowy day and actually started to accumulate a little, I thought it'd be fun to get in our first Mahomet sledding experience and take Troy to the gargantuan hill at Lake of the Woods. Cassidy and Daddy stayed in the heated house, much like last year :)

This hill was a thrill. When Troy went down for the first time, he got all the way to the bottom and I could just barely hear him laughing. When he finally got to his feet, he jumped up with two feet and screamed "AWESOME!!!!" It was hilarious. If only I could have caught that moment. This kid loves a good adrenaline rush.

First run down the hill below.... watch how far he goes.... 

Walking UP this hill was a treat. I did it myself a couple times. It was STEEP and cold. Troy was a trooper and did it over and over though.

And final run down the hill. I went and stood at the bottom for one go to see him come flying by. And then after that I took it up myself and had a run on my own, too. Sledding is FUN!

Our back looked so pretty when we got home. Snow at its finest - not gross and street-side like out front!

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