Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Soccer comes to an end

Six weeks of soccer has drawn to a close for Troy. He LOVED soccer. This may be the first sport he's really lit up about and enjoyed. And he learned a lot! Props to Daddy for not just taking him every week but taking him early to practice together and practicing in the basement during the week. Troy and Cass are pretty lucky to have him as their dad :)

Here they are doing their warm-up routine :)

Running so fast he's blurred!

Lining up to take turns at the goal

At the very end there were medals AND jerseys! Schwoo! Y, you really outdid yourself! Troy high-fived all the staff and then continued to walk around the gym and high five the big siblings and parents there too. IT was adorable.

He loves his jersey. Pretty sure its already gotten more wear than 50% of what he has owned for months or more. Proud of you Troy!

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