Wednesday, February 24, 2016

St Louis Road Trip - Day 2

We woke up with pep in our step and ready to conquer the day. SEVENTY FIVE DEGREES predicted, how can you not be excited!? After dropping Mike off at his spot for the day, the kids and I headed (where else in February!?) but the ZOO! I love the St Louis Zoo but we've only been a couple of times. And NEVER in February!

Caption this one...

Cassidy gravitated towards the snakes in this "house". Why must everyone else in my family LOVE snakes?!

We were delighted to once again have my friend Alicia join us for this outing! True friendship is signing up for a day when you know "connecting" with your old friend means chasing her children around a large public place full of thousands of other people, too.

Every animal in the zoo was in a good mood thanks to the weather. We were up close and personal with a lot of the animals on this particular day. And they were very playful and interactive.

Troy got his hands on a map and went into "map mode".

This was one of the more unique things I saw. This colony of worker ants were carrying pieces of leaves to their nests and marching on these logs holding them tall. It was impressive!

My favorite part of the insect "houses" are these butterfly rooms. The butterflies are simply so beautiful and having them flutter around you while you walk through is fantastic. Even more so when your'e seeing it through your kids eyes :)

I felt so badly for this beautiful blue one who appeared to be unable to fly. At least he was very visible to help prevent him from being stepped on.

These two. Man were they a pair this weekend. So incredible together.

My favorite area was the spectacular elephant spot. They were INCREDIBLE and I felt like they were right there in front of us! Fun story: Alicia, Cassidy and I were all enthralled with the elephants longer than Troy was. I looked around and he'd disappeared! When I called his name, he immediately responded but I didn't see him. I looked up and he'd climbed some rocks in the viewing area by the elephants. When I called him down and reprimanded him, his response was, "But I was JUST exploring Mom! You say its good to explore!" I quickly explained when exploring is ok and when it is not (on the rocks overlooking the elephant area). 

After a morning that FLEW by, we had to say goodbye to Alicia. 'Til next time friend!

By this point the zoo was getting CROWDED (I mean, SEVENTY FIVE DEGREES people) so we took a lunch break before figuring out if we were staying or go. The verdict? We were going. We'll catch the other 1/2 of the zoo next time.

My FitBit says we walked four miles that day. Cass was in her stroller a bit but Troy? Walked every inch (except for the few minutes I gave him a piggy back ride towards the car. Oy.)

After awhile, it was time to pick up Mike! Alicia had mentioned there were a lot of restaurants and places to choose from near our new hotel but I hadn't checked them out yet. We chose to head there and pick something for dinner!

It was the cutest little strip of restaurants and more (a comedy club, a dueling piano bar, etc.) It would make a great neighborhood for a date night! We topped our dinner off with some ice cream on our "summer" night! So fantastic!

After that, they needed to burn off some energy and were all cranked on sugar. We let 'em just go and go and go... they were cracking us up!

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