Wednesday, February 24, 2016

St Louis Road Trip - Day 3

Woke up ready for some family fun on the third day of our trip! Another day of breakfast at the hotel. My kids love hotel breakfast. Its like a smorgasboard of delight for them. Chocolate milk. Fruit galore. Bacon to Troy's heart's content. Haha.

Then another trip to the pool! This little lady looks SO grown up here.

Daddy is prime BDE (Best Daddy Ever) mode :) Love him.

The things he does for his family. Swimming is NOT a fav of his, lol.

Then it was time to check out and head over to see "Big Doug". Doug the dinosaur. (Realizing now how this day mimicked almost exactly the Sunday we were there last February!) Cass developed a fondness for Doug this weekend, so she was Doug's "keeper" at the museum. I love how she's holding him up, so as to introduce them, when we arrived.

And he stayed rather close most of the trip :)

While the kids dug for fossils....

We relaxed under the shadow of a giant moving T-Rex...

Cass LOVED this tornado exhibit this year.

And Troy LOVED the science shows that happened hourly. We went to two of them. This was the first. I'm not sure what he's asking/answering here, but he was very into it.

And I think we were all impressed with the dancing fire in the "fire" show we saw later that day. 

He hadn't been posing for pics for me this day until right before we left. This was the closest I'd get to one of him with "Big Doug" this year :)

The kids and I dropped Mike off at the airport and got to heading home. The number one rule of any travel anywhere, with kids of any age must be flexibility. We had totally wonky mealtimes that day, and this was our 4pm lunch/dinner somewhere in west central IL. The last 90 min of the drive were smooth sailing with full tummies!

All in all, the kids were FANTASTIC this trip. I can't believe I don't need to a) carry a large diaper bag with me everywhere, b) use the nasty diaper changing stations at the museums and zoos, and a billion other things that tell me I'm the mom of big kids now! Thankful for them and for their adventurous little minds!

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