Monday, February 29, 2016

The Great Blizzard of 2016

We live in flat-land USA, which means any time snow+wind comes on to the scene, things get shut down. This happens about once a year. The SNOW may not be of great magnitude but the conditions get "blizzard-y" quite quick. So, snow day it was! With Mike on the road, the kids and I were in it for the long haul to ride the day out. And it really went quite well!

We had just gone to the library the day before to check out a couple Disney movies as we make our way through the Disney line-up in anticipation for our trip later this year. The kids haven't seen the classics, so we popped in Cinderella to kick it off! Even though Troy talked a big game about "the princesses", he sat quietly and watched the whole thing. Cass too :)

With a few position changes of course.

This was the scene outside.

I pretty much told myself anything that they wanted to do that did NOT involve electronics was going to be a yes from me that day. "Mom i want to paint." Ok cool. Then there was this spontaneous "car wash" game at the bathroom sink for nearly an hour. Cass got the cars, one by one, and Troy washed them in his waterfall. Literally all I needed was one big towel at the end for some splash clean up but they'd done a great job! An hour, people!

Troy went into GSD (get stuff done) mode and there was no stopping him. He asked if he could do the laundry. He did a great job sorting and laying it out while I watched from the living room! I'm sure it *seems* like that's all I'm doing when I fold.

Of course, we played with babies. But (gasp!) they got clothes on during the blizzard day. May the days of naked babies be coming to a close!?

Overall it was fantastic. I am glad Mike wasn't traveling on this particular day. I'm glad we didn't *have to* go anywhere. And I hope that is the one and ONLY blizzard warning we have this winter. Bring on spring!

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