Sunday, February 14, 2016

Throwback: Alpha Days

When I first met Mike, he had come out of a little less than a year of being a part of the Alpha course at the Vineyard back to back to back. He called himself an Alpha junkie/flunkie because he was only able to attend every week of the course like one out of four times or something. All that to be said, the fall a few months after we met, we got involved in Alpha and it was the first ministry we ever served in together after I'd been through it once. We were in it until shortly after Troy came onto the scene and it just got a little too complicated in our schedule and we haven't been a part of it since.

Fast forward to present day! Our new campus is offering Alpha for the first time and while we weren't available to help out weekly, Mike was asked to share his story one week. I was totally honored to hear him share a little bit of his past and how God has worked powerfully (even though he claims its nothing super extraordinary when he shares).

I'm honored to be this guy's wife. He makes me a proud wife and I love him more every day. Especially after hearing him recount stories as he did this night on how God was weaving our lives together even before we met. Ask him if you ever want to hear more. He's the bomb :)

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