Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's (Eve) Dinner and Date Night In

Since Valentine's comes on the heels of my birthday (which we tend to celebrate with a date night and more, these last couple years) we tend to celebrate Valentine's with a date night in as a family every year (2015 revisited).

This year, I had a special brisket from our farmer to make for our meal. I'd never made brisket, but my Facebook friends were quick to chime in with ideas on how to prepare this thing. I took a little bit of several of their suggestions and it was AWESOME! My very technical instructions (as relayed to the brisket-cooker-extraordinare Brian) were: Seared in the Dutch oven on each side. Popped in the oven with some sautéed onions and seasoned each side with salt and pepper. Added beef broth to come up the bottom half of the brisket in the pan. Cooked at 300 and flipped every 90 minutes. Checked the temp and took it out at 195 degrees per Sanborn method. Let rest 15 min before slicing

Side dish was bacon sauteed spinach and mushrooms. And green beans for my veggie loving kiddos.

These two. Oh my heart. Little Miss Affectionate doesn't just dish it out for me. I looked over to see her loving on her daddy in front of the fire.

Mike was vigilant in tending to the fire with his utensils. That way fire needs to be tended to, right Mom? (haha)

It was a GOOD fire!

We also had dessert - raspberry cheesecake topped brownies. Oh so yum. It wasn't just the kids that approved! Happy Valentine's Day to my valentines!

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