Thursday, March 31, 2016

Cass spells her name

Living Large

While the boys were at karate, Cass and I went to all the hot spots the girls are at on a weekday night - Menards and Home Depot, haha! Since the kids normally share one of these car shopping carts (and Troy takes up 2/3 to 3/4 of the car himself) she enjoyed sprawling out while we cruised the store all on her own!

Happy Easter!

For Easter this year, we decided to stay put at home. And since we're at a church that meets in the evening, our Easter morning looked totally different this year! We started with making some yummy treats and prepared for our fam to come down for Easter brunch.

The kids helped me make a fun Easter bark with crushed up Oreos, M&Ms, and sprinkles. Sugar, sugar, sugar! It was so yummy though! And I love that they basically made it on their own after I spread out the base.

The car from Chicago arrived! Gramma, Grampa and cousin Emily all came down for the day. And brought tons of Easter goodies for the kids, too. They were pumped!

Bubbles were the first thing to get everyone excited.

We of course had to take a few photos outside on this gorgeous day.

At this point I was inside cooking and looked outside to this glorious sight! This is exactly what I dreamed of having at our forever home someday, so to see it come to fruition is pretty incredible :)

It was also a perfect kite-flying day! And Troy and Emily took their kites out for a flight. The field behind the house was perfect for it!

Our brunch was ready at last! On the menu: ham, ham/cheddar crustless quiche, spinach/mushroom/mozzarella quiche, blueberry coffee cake, fruit and spinach salad. It was SO good!

When Cass was napping, we all had some time to just relax outside. Emily had brought with her flute and took some time to serenade us from the "stage" inside :)

After awhile, we moved to the front of the house so Troy could scooter and such.

After a great day, we bid farewell to the fam and got ourselves ready for evening church. Second Easter outfits of the day (and still not the original dress I planned for Cass as she refused to wear it) and some pics outside again... Happy Easter everyone!

Cookie Baking

Our second day of #GirlTime wasn't quite as fun as the first - regular work day, frauded bank account afterwards, etc. I thought we'd close our night out with something fun though, so to the kitchen we went to make some classic chocolate chip cookies. Cassidy insisted on sprinkles. So not so classic chocolate chip cookies, after all :)

Monday, March 28, 2016

Daddy and Troy's Totally Awesome Adventure - Day 2

With a whole day left to explore, the boys got up, had some hotel breakfast (Troy's fav!) and headed to the pool for a swim before venturing out to adventure. Then the pics started flowing in again! Woot!

First this one, of Troy outside of the reptile house at the Fort Worth Zoo. 

I'm going to hazard a guess that these two guys spent a LONG time in the reptile without Mommy anyone complaining about the snakes being creepy-looking. 

There was a train to ride. and tons of animals to see!

... and apparently lots of walking to do! Because when that boy hit a wall, he hit it hard. Mike took him to the airport a little early and they relaxed while they waited for their flight. And surprise! Familiar faces on the flight from church. Troy was so pumped to see his Kingdom Kids (church children's ministry) teacher and her daughter on the flight home! He insisted on waiting for them to deplane when they arrived in Champaign so he could say goodbye. Love my boy and his sweetness!

Very tired, he went to bed when he got home and I've had the chance to hear lots of stories all week long since they returned! First boys trip in the books!

#GirlsDay - Mommy and Cass visit the Kids Museum

Throwback to the days when I was a mom of one and spent TONS of time with said child at the local children's museums in Central Illinois. We hit them all. And Cass? Has maybe been to one or two in the post infant carrier days. Maybe. I thought it would be the perfect place to hit on our #GirlsDay!

One of the most awesome thing about one-on-one time with your kids (that both Mike and I felt)? Getting to let them lead the way and not rushing them along for the sake of an agenda or an anxious sibling ready to move on. I let that girl play in whatever exhibit she wanted, as long as she wanted. In this case, it was the babies. Oh the babies.

Then the "pizza station" food.

... which turned into the grocery store...

Props to Children's Discovery Museum in Normal for having an AWESOME variety of healthful foods to choose from in their "store". No fruity pebbles here!

The ever popular water table was eventually spotted. I love how much my kids love these. I don't enjoy how soaked they usually get at this age. Ah well. All in the name of fun.

We took a mid-day break for lunch with my friend Katie. This was our attempt at a sunny selfie. Oops I'm cut off and oops Cass is pouting. We were on our way back to the fun Cass, come on...

That girl served me up food at every station and every floor that museum had food.

Like this one...

There were painting projects to be done... and that was officially the end. I could tell she was done for. Girl can only run on no/limited nap for so long. It was a full day and she and I both had a blast!

Daddy and Troy's Totally Awesome Adventure - Day 1

Back in January (I think?), Mike came home from a trip to Dallas with the rad idea to take Troy on a super-special father-son trip to Legoland (in DALLAS) over spring break this year. Troy was completely on board with this idea, so plans were made and one very excited five year old eagerly anticipated the date to leave!

These guys had a 7am flight out of Champaign. Mike was nervous about the 4:45 alarm he'd have to wake Troy up with. Until Troy came bounding in our room at 4am that morning ready to start the day. #HeIsHisFathersSon

Around the time I was drinking my coffee and chilling with Cass, I started getting photos sent to me. Mike gets an "A+" for photo taking on this trip. Love my man and his happy-snapping iPhone!

Troy got to visit the cockpit before they took off.

This video of him taking off was awesome. 

According to Mike he was an A+ travel companion. The 2 hour flight was a piece of cake for him.

And before long, they were there! He looks so big here!

Incredibly, they were at Legoland when it opened at 10am. What an easy trip!

Mike said Legoland was a good 2 hour trip. As in, the average person probably spends about two hours there. Troy? Was happy there for nearly five hours, and as Mike says, he would have stayed there ALL DAY lol.

There were rides...

Giant legos...

4D movies...

The famous ride they rode together fifteen times (no joke).

And Batman! Complete trip for Troy!!

Afterwards, they headed to the neighboring aquarium. Where there were tons of touch pools (Troy's fav). Mike said they were there so long that after awhile he was the one giving the instructions to the visitors, "only use two fingers, just touch this part, etc." He loves creatures!

Mike told me so many stories that made us both so proud of our boy. This particular moment he found some trash on the ground at the aquarium and took it to a worker on his own. The worker was so taken aback that he went out of his way to do that that she went and found him a "good citizen" medal for his efforts. He was stoked!

I got a LOT of these pics with this grin on his face.

Day One - in the books! Daddy rocks!!!