Monday, March 28, 2016

Daddy and Troy's Totally Awesome Adventure - Day 1

Back in January (I think?), Mike came home from a trip to Dallas with the rad idea to take Troy on a super-special father-son trip to Legoland (in DALLAS) over spring break this year. Troy was completely on board with this idea, so plans were made and one very excited five year old eagerly anticipated the date to leave!

These guys had a 7am flight out of Champaign. Mike was nervous about the 4:45 alarm he'd have to wake Troy up with. Until Troy came bounding in our room at 4am that morning ready to start the day. #HeIsHisFathersSon

Around the time I was drinking my coffee and chilling with Cass, I started getting photos sent to me. Mike gets an "A+" for photo taking on this trip. Love my man and his happy-snapping iPhone!

Troy got to visit the cockpit before they took off.

This video of him taking off was awesome. 

According to Mike he was an A+ travel companion. The 2 hour flight was a piece of cake for him.

And before long, they were there! He looks so big here!

Incredibly, they were at Legoland when it opened at 10am. What an easy trip!

Mike said Legoland was a good 2 hour trip. As in, the average person probably spends about two hours there. Troy? Was happy there for nearly five hours, and as Mike says, he would have stayed there ALL DAY lol.

There were rides...

Giant legos...

4D movies...

The famous ride they rode together fifteen times (no joke).

And Batman! Complete trip for Troy!!

Afterwards, they headed to the neighboring aquarium. Where there were tons of touch pools (Troy's fav). Mike said they were there so long that after awhile he was the one giving the instructions to the visitors, "only use two fingers, just touch this part, etc." He loves creatures!

Mike told me so many stories that made us both so proud of our boy. This particular moment he found some trash on the ground at the aquarium and took it to a worker on his own. The worker was so taken aback that he went out of his way to do that that she went and found him a "good citizen" medal for his efforts. He was stoked!

I got a LOT of these pics with this grin on his face.

Day One - in the books! Daddy rocks!!!

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