Monday, March 28, 2016

Daddy and Troy's Totally Awesome Adventure - Day 2

With a whole day left to explore, the boys got up, had some hotel breakfast (Troy's fav!) and headed to the pool for a swim before venturing out to adventure. Then the pics started flowing in again! Woot!

First this one, of Troy outside of the reptile house at the Fort Worth Zoo. 

I'm going to hazard a guess that these two guys spent a LONG time in the reptile without Mommy anyone complaining about the snakes being creepy-looking. 

There was a train to ride. and tons of animals to see!

... and apparently lots of walking to do! Because when that boy hit a wall, he hit it hard. Mike took him to the airport a little early and they relaxed while they waited for their flight. And surprise! Familiar faces on the flight from church. Troy was so pumped to see his Kingdom Kids (church children's ministry) teacher and her daughter on the flight home! He insisted on waiting for them to deplane when they arrived in Champaign so he could say goodbye. Love my boy and his sweetness!

Very tired, he went to bed when he got home and I've had the chance to hear lots of stories all week long since they returned! First boys trip in the books!

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