Monday, March 28, 2016

Greatest Indoor Egg Hunt

My friend Katie's church hosted a massive indoor egg hunt event so we popped over to check it out. Um massive doesn't even quite cover how huge it was!

Patiently waiting in the stands to get started. 40,000 eggs I think it was total!?

We found some toddler bounce houses before the hunting fun began. She hopped right in.

Cass was supposed to be in with the 0-2 year olds BUT they didn't really have much "hunting" going on so we went to the 3-5 hunt to find our boys. Miraculously, we found them in the mega-crowd! And she jumped right in to join her big bro, whose basket was already bursting at the brim.

Look here and show me your eggs, I said. This is what I got...

Thanks for the invite Katie!!

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