Saturday, March 19, 2016

Our Day Outside

Still sinking my teeth into what its like to have white space built into our schedule, we had a full day with no plans. I even skipped a planned AM trip to the Y in exchange for a long walk to the woods in the 60 degree weather. Our rule is Cassidy rides in the stroller until we get to the woods and then she can get out and stroll. She couldn't WAIT til we got there so we were walking FAST lol.

(((Gulp))) Two kids who love to climb things. Or one kid who loves to climb things and another who likes to follow whatever big bro does. My own Mommy "rule" I use at the playgrounds is the same one I'm *trying* to apply when we're out in nature. If they CAN physically do it, I let them. But I'm not going to lift them up into a tree or anything crazy. However, they get up in it themselves? Ok... I'll try to be okay with that :)

Of course we spotted deer. These ran right across the path in front of us from one side of the path to the open field on the other side. Again, they always look so far in the pics but we were quite close.

When we got home I dug into the landscaping because do we have a bunch of work to do! I had barely began when I came across this GIANT toad in one of our shrubs. As soon as I spotted him, my heart leapt for Troy (does that sound dramatic? lol) You see the NUMBER ONE thing he says he misses about the old house are the frogs. (Understand we moved here in September at the END of frog season so we wouldn't have had any these last few months anyways. But that doesn't make sense to Troy.) I knew he would be SO HAPPY with this and I was excited to call him over :) He apparently thinks this one traveled over from Urbana to hang with him for the day :)

This pic melts me. These backyard toads we've been finding for years now have been one of the best lessons in gentleness for my son. I love how he cares for them and treats them so cautiously.

...and now Cass is learning too.

After our morning of yard work it was clear Troy was not ready to come inside for lunch when Cass and I headed in. Here he was just chilling in the yard with his trusty toad. Thus began the day of outside for Troy. I seriously think he was inside about ten minutes total in an eight hour period.

The toad was talking to Cass while she ate lunch....

And when the school buses started pulling up late afternoon, Troy would run down to the bus stop to show all the kids getting off what he found. The weather was INCREDIBLE that day so ALL the kids were staying outside when they got home. It was a blast for all of us. Cass wanted to go right out after her nap :)

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