Saturday, March 19, 2016

Troy's Five Year/Kindergarten Check-Up

Troy was 5 years and 3 months old which, in my house, means just on time for a five year check-up! :) We couldn't wait to see how tall he'd grown and to chat with our ped about the success of recently removing dairy from his diet (which, woot!, accomplished just what we were hoping it would in terms of digestion!)

Also, can I give up a shout of praise (again this year!) that Troy didn't have any visits to the ped between his well child visit in March 2015 and now :) Thank you Lord for another healthy year!

He had a great attitude going into this year's check-up and was very cooperative. First his height (3 feet, 10.5 inches) and then his weight (51.5 pounds) followed by BP and hearing screenings. Troy grew a few inches and gained a couple pounds this past year but he's definitely slowed down a bit. Also for the first time in his life he's in the mid 80 percentiles for height and weight compared to other kids his age instead of the nearly "off the charts" numbers he's been at before. My little thrill seeker will have doors swinging open right and left when he hits 48 inches later this year (waterslides, roller coasters, etc.) so he is pretty pumped for that. He's a strong and healthy boy!

Then there was the characteristic doctor's office wait. So we waited. And waited. But everyone was quite pleasant and eventually we got it done :) We do love our ped and she's worth the drive back to East Urbana AND waiting for once we're actually there!

Dr. T filled out Troy's kindergarten physical form and we got two vaccines we had put off for a little while. Troy was soo cooperative this year when the two nurses came in to double-team him which was a breath of fresh air for this mama. I was so proud of him for just sitting there nicely! And yes I had offered treats as an incentive :) Praying for another year of great health for my favorite little guy this year ahead!

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