Sunday, March 13, 2016

Visit to the Y

Mission - tire the kids out.
Mission accomplished. Mission probably could have been accomplished with about 15 minutes less of fun. And maybe we could have avoided the meltdown in the locker room. About socks. But whatev. It's all good.

After picking the kids up from childwatch I surprised them with a trip to the pool. Not sure how they didn't notice I had the big swim bag full of beach towels with me when we left the house, walked into the Y and at pickup and seemed genuinely surprised. Ha.

This. Because, you know, getting dressed is hard. And fun at the same time.

Little fish #2 got awfully brave in the water on this trip. She learned how to hold her breath finally so she wasn't sputtering water every time she came up from being under. She's also doing a great job jumping, "swimming" to the wall (with a little push from mom) and climbing out all on her own. Can't wait to see her start to swim like big bro. Because the day when BOTH my kids are swimming in the pool and diving for rings and sticks like Troy was yesterday? That'll be so fun!

Troy's working on his "cannonball style". He's got some height on his jumps!

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