Thursday, April 21, 2016


With Mike home for the weekend, it was time to tackle some serious projects outdoors.

First up, MULCH. So far we're up to 22 bags of mulch we've put down and there are still areas that have not been mulched. The majority of what you notice is done though :)

Before and after mulch pics...

During mulch pic...

The next day it was the garage. The garage isn't terribly big so we need to be sure to use our space wisely. Some before and afters of the garage...

And a "during" while Troy played. He used all of our boxes to make a mega race track.

Finally, the garden project! A before...

And after! Now a way to deter the deer and bunnies from munching... anyone have any suggestions just let me know!

My garden helper :) Hurdles in hand!

Night Out - FCA Banquet

For the second year, we were glad to attend the annual FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) banquet to support their incredible mission and the work they're doing with kids in our community. (Want to learn more? Check 'em out here.)

Since we got dressed up, I insisted on pics. Our sitter had already left for a walk with the kids though... and so we had to get creative. This pic of me trying to set the timer while Mike stands in the background with his hands on his hips is classic.

Success! Except for the "gangster look" one of Mike's FB friends appropriately named this face.

I love summer dresses... yay for spring!

Park date with my girl

Cass and I ended up with some time on the playground by ourselves while the boys checked out a new karate class inside. We had a lot of fun!

She wowed me with her skills. I mean seriously. Two years old. 

Don't all tutu-wearing girls scoop with a construction truck?

Why does she look so big here? Sigh.

Hike in the Woods

The kids and I have paid many a visit to the woods as we live less than half a mile from the entrance to the an incredible paved bike path/walking path through the woods. This past weekend, Daddy got his first visit to them!

We let them explore... a LOT. And of course they loved it. We let them hike down a hill (a small one) on their own to play around a little creek. My favorite moments from this video are 1) when Troy says I'm too heavy and would break the bridge and 2) when he says "she's gonna cry" in his matter-of-fact tone about Cass :)

Troy handled the steep part well!

And Cass dropped to her bottom to get down safely. I'm glad they both know their limits!

Monday, April 18, 2016

I can't wait until....

"I can't wait until Troy can start taking pictures for us while we're doing stuff," says Mike.
Amy (hands iPhone to Troy): "Take a picture Troy."
Troy: (((click)))

And there ya go.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Hola Mexico what Mike and I will be saying in less than 100 days.  Can.Not.Wait. So I had a "warm up" with a friend this week with margaritas on the patio of Dos. Until Mexico....

Lego City

Legos are great for imagination, they say. He'll be busy for hours, they say.

I say, "they" were all right.

Troy's been working on a pretty detailed Lego City for over a week now. Aside from a few roofs on buildings I've helped with (he tells me I'm a good roof builder) this is all him. And it keeps growing. I'll try to highlight a few elements. I couldn't find the glass he added to the top of one of the buildings though. That he said was full of wine. Ha.

Here are two guys having some conversation.

A guy with a dolly truck moving things into the police station.

Two guys actively running, legs mid air. Earlier this week they were running from a guy with a gun but I don't know where that guy ran off to now.

Shopping Buddies

Friday mornings are still Cass and I mornings, and I had wanted to hit a sundress sale at Old Navy for myself during our errand time. What cracks me up is she stood there in the changing room as I tried on and looked at me and responded either, "Hmmm. Actually.... Not." or "Actually Yes. Yes!" Tell me how you really feel, Cass, lol

We followed that errand up with what all girls in sundresses and tutus do, and hit Home Depot for the first run of mulch for our yard. I thought this moment of her sitting on the industrial cart was too funny.

Outside Randoms - Here to Stay

*Thinking* and *hoping* we won't be seeing any more snow flurries at this point now in the season. So we've been outside. A LOT.

We came home to these gorgeous tulips one day. So glad we snapped this pic when we did because two days later we realized they'd been plucked off. At first we were like "how could someone do such a thing?" until Troy said, "Maybe it was kids.... maybe it was grown ups.... maybe it was DEER!" And of course, Mike googles it, and deer love tulips. So we're thinking that's probably what it was. Stay away from our plants, deer!!

Troy set up his hurdles to practice one afternoon while the girl across the street was practicing tennis. I think he's ready for higher hurdles, Daddy (or maybe not lol)

So proud of him in this moment. I was inside with Cass and Troy came in declaring "Mom! There's a dog outside running around and I think he's going to be hit by a car!" 1) I was super thankful that he came in to get me right away instead of going after the dog and 2) I'm thankful for his concern. I grabbed my neighborhood directory to see if I could figure it out by looking at the dog but no luck. And Troy was right, he was running like CRAZY and I was worried he was going to get hit too. Eventually he trotted up to us and I made the call to check his collar and called right away. Since he was being really friendly, I held on to him with hopes his owner could come immediately. And they did. Nice work, Troy. Thanks for your help in returning this guy safely to his home!

Troy discovered some tadpole eggs at the edge of our yard in a disgusting pool of water. Ugh. I don't love that they're playing in it. But it is what it is.

We have so many trees and things that some of them literally fly away and we don't notice. Whoops.

We were stoked to add an outdoor dining table to our patio this week. I expect this to get a TON of use!

First al fresco dining experience. Beautiful.

Tres Amigos

My phone was blowing up with some adorable shots of my daughter and her friends in daycare this week. We only have a few weeks of daycare left before our summer schedule comes into play and at least one of these littles will be heading off to preschool in the fall, bringing this season to a close. Definitely had to save these here to remember this precious time!

While we don't know exactly what we'll be doing ourselves in the fall yet, Cassidy seems to be making a case for herself to join up in the preschool classroom at Troy's school. I have to break it to her that's not in the cards for next year but I don't think she'll give up hope yet :)

Neighbor Fun

We have been blessed with some great neighbors (have I mentioned that?!) and our kids would say the same thing. One afternoon, we had a couple of our friends down for a bit - the kids thought 1) eating lunch together and 2) partying through naptime/quiet time was just the greatest.

The girls plucked a number of dandelions from our lawn for us. Thanks for the clean up patrol, girls!

The boys scooted and rode bikes up and down the street, meanwhile.

Then there was the backyard ball game. I know this looks like its running pretty smoothly, but let's just say I'm really thankful we've got one more year with the tee before we head into coach pitch.

Considering its basically summer now, there were popsicles to be had outside to cool off.

Finally I was able to get them all inside as they were starting to burn out. This is a pic of the girls throwing a tea part for the animals! (Plus a whole bunch of other stuff on the table that I have no idea why its there.)

She scoots

Cassidy's interest in the scooter has been growing. It started earlier this week, chasing after Troy out front (note the kid in the orange down the road) but she was a little unsure of really scooting along so she just pushed it, haha.

Every day she gets it more and more now, though! And come on. Scooting in a tutu. Can this get any cuter over here?!

Naps Are Needed

We had a few days of nap strike this week.

On the first day, Cass played (mostly) quietly in her room for two hours before I got her up. She got some iPad time shortly thereafter and this happened. Yep. She needed that nap.

On another day, we had friends over to play during naptime and as soon as we watched them walk home she said, "Mommy sit DOWN!" And so I did. And this girl didn't even pretend to want to do something other than nap, haha.

After about a half hour I tried to wake her up. It was pretty late and approaching 5pm or so. When I tried to wake her up, this happened. More snuggles on mama. Couldn't wake her yet :)

And then there are the days when we're driving home from work/school and she starts saying in the car, "Mommy, I not tired. I not tired. No nap. Play outside. I watch iPad." And that's my clue that she's about to pass out IMMEDIATELY. So the upstairs transport happens. Throwback to the times this happened daily with Troy for like a year :)

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Let Him Be Little

In a season where my boy seems to grow overnight and look older and older at every turn, this moment, this moment he seems like my little guy still. Pajamas. Toys. And that handsome proud grin. Every dino in the house lined up on parade.

Love him to bits.

Tae Kwon Do continues

Our month long introduction to Tae Kwon Do is quickly drawing to a close. Troy has learned a lot and really enjoys it. We will definitely consider doing it again down the road, probably in fall once our new kindergarten (gasp!) routine settles in.

Here's a few shots of recent weeks.

I am not above bringing a device with for my 2 yr old during the nearly hour long session.

Also not above donuts as a treat immediately following on a Saturday morning!