Sunday, April 10, 2016

Bedtime Shenanigans

Throwback to the days when Troy would play in his room for an hour before bed. Oh wait, that's not a throwback at all. That's life for the last three years. Now Cass has picked up on it too. The other night when she was playing... and playing.... and playing, I went up several times to try to get her to settle down and after awhile Troy said, "Mom let me go check on her." Pulled up the monitor and this is how their conversation went.

Troy: You're having a hard time tonight huh Cass?
Cass: Yea. I not tired.
Troy: Its okay. But its dark out. You need to go to sleep!
Cass: Yea.....

And while he covered her up and tucked her in, two seconds later those baby dolls were getting their diapers changed again. Thanks for trying, Troy.

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