Sunday, April 17, 2016

Outside Randoms - Here to Stay

*Thinking* and *hoping* we won't be seeing any more snow flurries at this point now in the season. So we've been outside. A LOT.

We came home to these gorgeous tulips one day. So glad we snapped this pic when we did because two days later we realized they'd been plucked off. At first we were like "how could someone do such a thing?" until Troy said, "Maybe it was kids.... maybe it was grown ups.... maybe it was DEER!" And of course, Mike googles it, and deer love tulips. So we're thinking that's probably what it was. Stay away from our plants, deer!!

Troy set up his hurdles to practice one afternoon while the girl across the street was practicing tennis. I think he's ready for higher hurdles, Daddy (or maybe not lol)

So proud of him in this moment. I was inside with Cass and Troy came in declaring "Mom! There's a dog outside running around and I think he's going to be hit by a car!" 1) I was super thankful that he came in to get me right away instead of going after the dog and 2) I'm thankful for his concern. I grabbed my neighborhood directory to see if I could figure it out by looking at the dog but no luck. And Troy was right, he was running like CRAZY and I was worried he was going to get hit too. Eventually he trotted up to us and I made the call to check his collar and called right away. Since he was being really friendly, I held on to him with hopes his owner could come immediately. And they did. Nice work, Troy. Thanks for your help in returning this guy safely to his home!

Troy discovered some tadpole eggs at the edge of our yard in a disgusting pool of water. Ugh. I don't love that they're playing in it. But it is what it is.

We have so many trees and things that some of them literally fly away and we don't notice. Whoops.

We were stoked to add an outdoor dining table to our patio this week. I expect this to get a TON of use!

First al fresco dining experience. Beautiful.

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