Sunday, April 10, 2016

Spring Clean Up

The time has come to spruce up our abundant landscaping for a new season - my thoughts can pretty much be summed up as "get to work". I don't always know WHAT I'm doing but I get out there and I do... stuff. 13 lawn bags (and counting) later... And things are growing! And its looking good!

One of my helpers.

The day our gorgeous daffodils bloomed while we were at work/school!

Then came the time to DO something with all the yard waste. The village comes by and sucks it all up with a giant vacuum cleaner a couple times a year. I couldn't picture this. Especially when they told me to literally shake it all out at the curb. But I did. 9 bags of it at least. And when they arrived...

It was gone in less than a minute. Perfectly clean! Now we know!

Right now things are looking pretty tidy. But I expect it to return to its natural state before long...

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