Sunday, May 29, 2016

Last Day - Vineyard Daycare

With Troy's last day of school came a similar milestone for Cassidy (and our family!) as she/we had our last day at Vineyard daycare. With the exception of last summer, Vineyard daycare has been our spot for the last nearly FIVE years. Its been a tremendous blessing to work in the same building my kids were in while they were little!

Cassidy brought Ms Carly a flower (she thought Troy's idea was pretty great!)

And dished out lots of snuggles that last day!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Last Day of Preschool

Troy's preschool days have come to a close! To celebrate his last day, we went out for donuts that morning :)

Cass enjoyed getting to tag along for this!

Troy had the idea to give his teachers flowers for the last day (he came up with that himself) so he wrote the cards too. I love how many letters he's learned - he can write almost all of them!

Troy with one of his teachers, Mrs. Caba. Cassidy grew to love Mrs. Caba this year too and gave her a goodbye of her own.

Afterwards we met up with Daddy for another small chocolate treat!

And a few "last day" pics :)

He has changed a LOT this year! My boy is growing up!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Travelin' Man

This Daddy/husband is in the thick of travel season and is loaded up with love and snuggles between trips :)

Sometimes love hurts, huh babe?

Private Fire House Tour

My friend Katie married her firefighter husband last year and recently invited us to come for a private firehouse visit when he was working one weekend. My "touch a truck" loving son thought this was pretty fab since they were the only visitors there and could ask and pretty much do whatever they wanted.

First up, a visit to the ambulance. Cass was right back out and told Katie, "I never, ever want to go in there." Ok, Cass, duly noted.

Troy on the other hand wouldn't get out and got a ride on the stretcher.

Troy and fireman Eric sitting in the fire engine and trying the gear on.

Lifting the HEAVY hose.

Cass was *mostly* interested in the outside of the trucks after the ambulance moment. So she stuck with Katie and checked out the perimeter.

Ready-to-pop Katie was on a mission to walk, walk, walk around the firehouse to coax Maple out... and she went into labor the next day! Thanks for the awesome visit!

"I need it louder" AKA life's special moments

This was fun. Traveling down the road and Uptown Funk came on. Cassidy's jam, apparently? I wouldn't turn it up louder than it already was... annnnddd... this happened.

T-Ball Picture Day

Smiling all handsome with his orange team for t-ball pics. This pic may be deceiving as it was 34 degrees and WINDY during picture day. Not exactly baseball weather. Can't wait to see the pics when they come in!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Monkeying Around

This child is pretty confident on playground apparatus of any sort...

And has proven she's a capable gymnast, already practicing her splits!

Naptime 2.0

Cass woke up from a nap and wandered into my room where I was resting, too. Apparently she wanted some more sleep as she crawled up and fell right asleep on me. Oh, my mama heart just bursts in these moments.

Pickin' Wildflowers

Cassidy had a friend over to play and as these two little girlies played in our "rainforest" as we call it, I was thinking of this song "Picking Wildflowers".

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Stop. Collaborate. Listen.

Texts I receive from our sitter. #VanillaIceFan

Toby and Tober - Two Nights of Tree Frogs

Unlike the regular toads we find in this neck of the woods, we found a couple cute little tree frogs this week. Troy was stoked! We named him Toby the tree frog.

The next night we found a different one in the same spot. Creatively, he was named "Tober" versus the frog from the night before who was named "Toby".

Preschool Class Trip - Scovill Zoo

Troy's end-of-year class trip was at the Scovill Zoo this year, our fav Central IL zoo. And since we went last year, Troy asked if Cass and I could come with him again this year. And so we did!

So smiley and excited when we got in. She happily stuck her head through all the cutout holes.

The gators were popular.

I have not one but two snake lovers. These two spent quite a few minutes with this zoo worker asking questions and touching the boa.

And then there were the goats. My kids love goats. They could play with goats all day. For real.

The moment when your son comes lumbering towards you with a goat.

This is me. Chilling by the cows. For like an hour. Seriously.

We were all cornered by a loud rooster at one point. After he showed off his volume skills, the kids were a little cautious of him. 

And Cass fell in love with this baby/mama sheep pair in the same area. 

After the goats, energy was dipping low. Compare this one (that she still insisted on doing) to the first pic I posted.

We did squeeze the train in on our way out to the lot for a picnic lunch though!

After lunch, we explored a little on the way back to the zoo.

There were two more things I'd told the kids we could do before leaving, as long as the rain was holding off. We still had a carousel ride to do.

And a reptile house to visit.

Future Photog

Since the day we handed Troy my phone and asked him to take our picture, he's asked a few times to use the camera. This particular day we were walking the yard trying to figure out what the heck to do with it looking at things and he said, "you guys look cute! I'm going to take your picture!" And so he did.

And again a few minutes later.

Girls on the Run 5K

The Y has a program called Girls on the Run which meets year round and combines running with positive messaging (anti-bullying, standing up to peer pressure, etc.) for girls in 3rd-8th grade. They had their "end of year" 5K run/celebration recently and an email was sent out to to the group fitness instructors asking if anyone could be a running buddy for some of the girls that didn't have one for the run. Sign me up!

The 4th grade girl I was paired with was wonderful! She completely impressed me with her ability to run 99% of the whole thing with just a few short breaks. She was also really determined, saying she was going to run the whole thing but didn't want to have to stop and walk. Wanting to pace herself. She clearly understood the importance of having goals. She talked and talked the entire run and I learned lots about what life is like with 4th grade girls. Thankful for this perspective (and that I also have several years to prepare myself before I find myself living life with a 10 yr old 24/7!)

Mike and the kids were there too and came out for the end and the celebration part.

There were inflatables abound and just recently Cass has been wanting to do them (wouldn't touch 'em last year). She was waiting patiently but Troy said "how about I stick close to Cass guys? You never know what she's going to do." Truth, son.

Bouncing is one thing but climbing the giant slides? She was all over it!