Sunday, May 15, 2016

Girls on the Run 5K

The Y has a program called Girls on the Run which meets year round and combines running with positive messaging (anti-bullying, standing up to peer pressure, etc.) for girls in 3rd-8th grade. They had their "end of year" 5K run/celebration recently and an email was sent out to to the group fitness instructors asking if anyone could be a running buddy for some of the girls that didn't have one for the run. Sign me up!

The 4th grade girl I was paired with was wonderful! She completely impressed me with her ability to run 99% of the whole thing with just a few short breaks. She was also really determined, saying she was going to run the whole thing but didn't want to have to stop and walk. Wanting to pace herself. She clearly understood the importance of having goals. She talked and talked the entire run and I learned lots about what life is like with 4th grade girls. Thankful for this perspective (and that I also have several years to prepare myself before I find myself living life with a 10 yr old 24/7!)

Mike and the kids were there too and came out for the end and the celebration part.

There were inflatables abound and just recently Cass has been wanting to do them (wouldn't touch 'em last year). She was waiting patiently but Troy said "how about I stick close to Cass guys? You never know what she's going to do." Truth, son.

Bouncing is one thing but climbing the giant slides? She was all over it!

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