Saturday, May 7, 2016

Gramma Visit

While we don't plan it this way, every year on Illinois Marathon weekend, Gramma ends up coming down for a visit with the kids and I while Mike is inevitably on the road. This year was no exception!

We had such a nice visit. Pretty sure Gramma had a book in her lap and a grandkid or two nearby for more than 80% of the kids' waking hours :) Cassidy LOVES this book that Gramma brings "Charlie the Ranch Dog", which is about the dog of the popular writer, the Pioneer Woman. The book is so sweet.

"Reading" to my kids these days is more like having a conversation than reading. Reading with Gramma was no exception. Check out the video below:

We went out to dinner to Five Guys (I can't remember the last time greasy food tasted so good!) and all noshed on burgers and fries. The best part was when we were ordering and Troy was around the corner watching them flip the burgers and came running over and said, "GUYS! They have BACON burgers here!" And we revised our order for Troy, lol

Haha. This face. Total stink face. She's getting really "good" at the different faces.

After the kids were in bed, in true "visit from Gramma" fashion, Mom asked what she could help ME with (granted, this is at 10pm at night). When I said I had sandwich trays to put together for church the next day, she went to town and we had those things whipped together so fast! I was so thankful to have one less thing on my plate and a couple of much more nicely presented trays than I would have come up with :) Thanks Mom!

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