Saturday, May 7, 2016

Life on the Prairie - Spring Edition

A collection of photos of our backyard these days. as we just don't know how much longer this view will last with construction picking up more and more every day. We love our views!

Sunset - simply gorgeous.

This was early one weekend morning. The kids asked to go outside as soon as breakfast was done.

We had neighbors over to play and the big entertainment was that they were mowing the fields behind our house. They all sat and watched so long! (Side note - check out all the green in that garden!)

Picking dandelions with friends :)

One night a storm passed us to the north, which is where our backyard faces. This is way off in the distance but wow, it was breathtaking to watch! Better than TV!

My morning runs have been incredible. Here's the trails just about half a mile away from my door. I love them!

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