Saturday, May 7, 2016

Par-Tay at the Pool

With plans to meet a new coach at the Y one evening, and Mike out of town, I thought why not live on the edge and stay up wayyyy late taking advantage of Friday night family swim?! These kinds of ideas can certainly backfire, but thankfully the kids were awesome and it couldn't have gone more smoothly. We had SO much fun.

Cass, my littlest fish, LOVES being in the water still! And is starting to show her adventurous (while still cautious) side a little bit!

Troy had a friend in the pool tonight that was slightly older (7) and told him he was going to be taking the swim test that night to see if he could swim in the deep end. Troy asked me if HE could take the swim test and after talking to the lifeguard who'd be administering the test, I agreed. I had never seen Troy tread water before, but sure enough, he hopped in to seven feet of water and treaded for thirty seconds. Then the lifeguard said, "ok, go!" and sent him off to swim the length of the pool! And he did it! He was pretty tired at the end but he passed. So proud of his swim bracelet! And with less than an inch to grow, he will be all ready to ride the waterslide once he's tall enough at the Y!

Poor Cass was SO tired at the end of the night but we had to get washed up before bed. The girl couldn't even hold her head up in the tub. Needless to say, bedtime went pretty easy that night once she was all clean.

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