Sunday, May 15, 2016

Preschool Class Trip - Scovill Zoo

Troy's end-of-year class trip was at the Scovill Zoo this year, our fav Central IL zoo. And since we went last year, Troy asked if Cass and I could come with him again this year. And so we did!

So smiley and excited when we got in. She happily stuck her head through all the cutout holes.

The gators were popular.

I have not one but two snake lovers. These two spent quite a few minutes with this zoo worker asking questions and touching the boa.

And then there were the goats. My kids love goats. They could play with goats all day. For real.

The moment when your son comes lumbering towards you with a goat.

This is me. Chilling by the cows. For like an hour. Seriously.

We were all cornered by a loud rooster at one point. After he showed off his volume skills, the kids were a little cautious of him. 

And Cass fell in love with this baby/mama sheep pair in the same area. 

After the goats, energy was dipping low. Compare this one (that she still insisted on doing) to the first pic I posted.

We did squeeze the train in on our way out to the lot for a picnic lunch though!

After lunch, we explored a little on the way back to the zoo.

There were two more things I'd told the kids we could do before leaving, as long as the rain was holding off. We still had a carousel ride to do.

And a reptile house to visit.

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