Friday, May 27, 2016

Private Fire House Tour

My friend Katie married her firefighter husband last year and recently invited us to come for a private firehouse visit when he was working one weekend. My "touch a truck" loving son thought this was pretty fab since they were the only visitors there and could ask and pretty much do whatever they wanted.

First up, a visit to the ambulance. Cass was right back out and told Katie, "I never, ever want to go in there." Ok, Cass, duly noted.

Troy on the other hand wouldn't get out and got a ride on the stretcher.

Troy and fireman Eric sitting in the fire engine and trying the gear on.

Lifting the HEAVY hose.

Cass was *mostly* interested in the outside of the trucks after the ambulance moment. So she stuck with Katie and checked out the perimeter.

Ready-to-pop Katie was on a mission to walk, walk, walk around the firehouse to coax Maple out... and she went into labor the next day! Thanks for the awesome visit!

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