Sunday, May 1, 2016

Vineyard Moms - Wraps Up

We wrapped up a full year of Vineyard Moms this month - here are a few pics of our last two get-togethers before breaking for the summer.

We had a mommy "speed dating" game. Seriously, it was fun. Not torture like it sounds like haha.

My dear friend Holly gave a great talk on taking time for the things you enjoy. I left feeling challenged as I don't do a great job at this (though I'm getting much, much better!)

Our last meeting of the year is my fav of the whole year - we do a Q&A panel with our wonderful mentor moms. I am so thankful for these three ladies who have poured into all of us all year long. They're a joy to be around!

So thankful to be part of such a great community of moms. And my group blessed my socks off with gifts at the last meeting as a thanks for leading. Love them to pieces and can't wait for another year to start in the fall!

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