Thursday, June 30, 2016

Mother Son Date - Sholem

We tried this one night last summer and it was a fun memory so I thought I'd do it again. With my "less than 42 inches tall" child home with Daddy, my "taller than 42 inches tall" child and I went to the pool together to meet up with some friends. As Troy said, "we're gonna ride ALL the slides!"

It was beautifully empty there. We had no problem finding our friends Sarah and Benjamin when they arrived, and every time we did a slide we never had to wait more than a minute or so. After I was worn out from all the "racing" on the two slides next to each other, we all just hung out in the pool at the bottom and watched Troy climb all.those.stairs over and over and over.

Realizing he was deliberately slowing himself down one time, I gave him some pointers on speeding up his trips down the slide. His reply? "That was awesome!"

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Father's Day Hike at Turkey Run- AKA the post with a billion pictures

After friends of ours took their crew hiking on "trail 3" at Turkey Run and produced some incredible photos of their adventure, I showed one to Mike and suggested we tackle it too. It was a fantastic way to spend Father's Day as we were BLOWN AWAY by our kids and what they did on that hike. This was our first ever "real" hike with no Ergo, no stroller, etc. Pretty amazing!

We started out using the bathrooms in the nature center. And watching their little nature circus they had going on in a viewing area.

We found teeny little frogs and shared them with the fellow nature lovers with kids the same ages as ours.


They both handled the like champs though. The most challenging and intimidating part of the hike for this mama with her littles!

The stairs were the only times they seemed to complain. It was a LOT of stairs. This was equal to about 14 flights. And there were PLENTY of other areas with stairs too.

Her favs were the teeny little water"falls" we saw all over.

Another challenging area for these guys. And about the time I gave up on having dry shoes :) 

After three-ish hours on the trails, we had to refuel with a legit meal. We found the perfect place at a nearby canoe place. It felt just like we were at the Florida Keys or something :)

They ate a LOT.

And were rewarded with treats too :)

Shirt? Check? Shoes. Nope. Problems? Nope. No shirt, no shoes, no problem applies here!

Shocker, right!? LOL.

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Cassidy LOVES her nursery rhymes. Like really loves them. We sing/say them a lot. Here's some Baa Baa Black Sheep for you :)

Father's Day Dinner

Father's Day dinner came a night early as we had Sunday plans and wanted to enjoy our much-anticipated meal for the night. Bacon wrapped shrimp, sweet potato fries and asparagus. Wheee!

2.5 pounds of shrimp. 1.5 pounds of bacon. All gone by our foursome (wow).

Check out those beauties, ALL from our garden!

We followed that up with a fire and full-out s'mores. YUM!

Which was followed up with wine on the patio while the kids turned it into our outdoor playroom. Dinos, animals and trucks oh my. But they had a great time playing together for hours :)

Ultimate sass in this one.

And wrapped that up with firefly catching. A beautiful summer night!

Breakfast al fresco

I could get used to this. Scrambled eggs. Coffee. Outside. With my favs. We continued this peaceful and plan-free morning with a long chat outside alone with coffee while the kids lounged around inside. #Bliss

Camp Adventure

Already a month into our summer groove, I sought out something fun to shake up our routine a bit and give Troy something special to do. A well-recommended VBS at a nearby church seemed like a good fit! Truth? It was a struggle that week for Troy to go. He didn't seem to love it when we asked him at the end of the day. Mostly because he "didn't have time to sit and play with toys". So yea. But he did keep going day to day as he was curious as to who was winning the "boys vs girls" fundraiser for the mission to bring clean water to a community. And we wrapped up the week with a family night which he was looking forward to!

Now judging from his experience at the family night, his week must have been a blast! He met new people. He participated in every thing they did. And he learned the songs :)

Cassidy sat with him in his group during the large group times, which he loved :) And she loved too!

The kindergarteners had their chance to sing one of the songs on stage and it was, as to be expected, completely sweet.

Then we spent some time going through all the different stations. Here's a moment of Troy being recognized by the teacher in the Bible storytelling room. We were all impressed with his attention to detail on this one :)

There were plenty of camp games and the leaders were all great.

And crafts for everyone, too.

As a former camp leader, I remember fondly the kids who ALWAYS wanted to sit in the leader's lap. Cassidy is that kid. She'd never met this gal before but she was sure to jot her number down as a potential sitter after Cass bonded with her that evening!

Then there was the moment that they said they needed some parent volunteers to come up on stage. My kid sprang RIGHT to his feet and promptly shouted "MOM!" We cracked up in how he didn't even try to get Dad up there. But Mom? Yea I'm a sucker for camp games. 

Moms Group Meet-Up: Prairie Farm

Our moms group has a number of meet-ups scheduled this summer and our most recent one was at a favorite, Prairie Farm! Here's a few pics.

And the follow up to the epic gobble gobble event at Farmer Stan's farm happened too :)


Time to get to work...

Cassidy is showing an interest in writing her name. While she's young, she is really interested, so we've begun working on it. Mike's next tat is in the hopper...

I grow things!

Remember when I first dug in to the garden in late April, eager to see if I'd be able to grow things?! A few bottles of deer spray later (weekly application) and I am! I really am! We inherited quite the asparagus crop so we've been eating that for over a month. Now we're harvesting our own sugar snap peas and by we're, I mean the kids are. I planted those with them in mind and they've happily enjoyed snapping them all off.

Admiring our growing garden. Come on squash... come on tomatoes! Bring on the harvest!