Friday, June 3, 2016

Chicago Weekend - May

To kick off the summer, the kids and I headed north on one of Mike's trips and spent the weekend in Chi-town. They get right down to "business" when we arrive, as Cass dug into the princess memory game solely for the fun of naming all the princesses and learning who was who.

Then we had a visit to the great park down the street.

And Grampa and I took the kids out for dinner to try the new BBQ place in the neighborhood. I got another "famous" Cassidy glare. "Don't be taking my picture, woman!" is what this says to me!

Troy on the other hand was all smiles. He demolished his hot dog and asked to try my rib tips. 10 minutes later, Mama had one or two rib tips and the entire order was gone. "This is the best thing I ever had!" he says.

On the drive home from dinner, Troy said "I could use a little more fresh air!" So out we went for a walk with Bear, the scooter and the wagon.

This weekend was the weekend of being outside. The kids rolled outside in their pjs to play with Bear as soon as they were up. Bear didn't mind one bit :)

There was a zoo trip in there, too! Cass loved the giraffes...

And Troy loved this mock "kill site" that walked you through how a pack of wolves would kill their prey. Fav moment would be when we were walking around reading all the signs and we read one that said, "can you find the stomach (of the deer.... that was "killed")" and we looked at what Cass was standing on... "there it is!" All pretend of course. But yea. Rated "Real Life" for a reason. Of course my kids ate that up though.

It was bear weekend, and Troy ate up these tables where you could see casts of bear paw prints and ask questions. Oh the questions.

Just being swarmed by some birds, that's all. When we asked him at the end of the day what his favorite thing was, it was this.

My affectionate guy giving me a squeeze :)

After the zoo, everyone was TIRED. You know, the way kids get tired in how they're so tired they can't sleep until they pass out and then are so far gone you can't wake 'em up? Oh yea... We'll go ahead and proceed to more adorable pics now :)

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