Saturday, June 25, 2016

Father's Day Hike at Turkey Run- AKA the post with a billion pictures

After friends of ours took their crew hiking on "trail 3" at Turkey Run and produced some incredible photos of their adventure, I showed one to Mike and suggested we tackle it too. It was a fantastic way to spend Father's Day as we were BLOWN AWAY by our kids and what they did on that hike. This was our first ever "real" hike with no Ergo, no stroller, etc. Pretty amazing!

We started out using the bathrooms in the nature center. And watching their little nature circus they had going on in a viewing area.

We found teeny little frogs and shared them with the fellow nature lovers with kids the same ages as ours.


They both handled the like champs though. The most challenging and intimidating part of the hike for this mama with her littles!

The stairs were the only times they seemed to complain. It was a LOT of stairs. This was equal to about 14 flights. And there were PLENTY of other areas with stairs too.

Her favs were the teeny little water"falls" we saw all over.

Another challenging area for these guys. And about the time I gave up on having dry shoes :) 

After three-ish hours on the trails, we had to refuel with a legit meal. We found the perfect place at a nearby canoe place. It felt just like we were at the Florida Keys or something :)

They ate a LOT.

And were rewarded with treats too :)

Shirt? Check? Shoes. Nope. Problems? Nope. No shirt, no shoes, no problem applies here!

Shocker, right!? LOL.

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