Saturday, June 25, 2016

Fun in the SUNday

After a busy day on the go the day before at the Lego expo, and wrapping up a full week of a trip for Mike, I decided we were just going to stay at the house to play and get caught up before church and Mike's return. While we were cleaning inside that morning, the text came from the neighbor... out in front! With sprinkler!

Out we go. And thus began SUNday. They played and played and played with the water and neighbor Josh. Before long, a grill was fired up and we were invited for lunch. (I love our neighbors, they're the best.)

Just a couple of outside gals on a summer day :)

While we were heading back to our house for naptime, some MORE awesomely incredible neighbors waved us down and announced they were setting up this amazing-ness in their backyard. Nap-postponed.

Reminder - water+kids=guaranteed fun

This looks pretty crazy but its really just a mega yawn. When she finally DID get a nap, waking her up for church was a process. We loved our SUNday with our great neighbors!

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