Friday, June 3, 2016

Go Big or Go Home (or Go to Kindergarten)

Mission- get Troy's dental check up and eye exam done for kindergarten during the month of May. When I called to make these appointments several weeks prior, the first available day they BOTH had was the same day. Well. Go big or go home.

So we started at the dentist. Troy was amazing. And when the dental assistant was cleaning his teeth she asked, "do mom and dad brush your teeth for you?" to which we proudly replied no. His teeth are in pristine shape, all credit due to him.

Then we had a little break. So what do you do but grab dairy free ice cream?!

Before heading to the eye doctor! Now this appointment was FAST! Which I was so thankful for. Again, Troy was wonderful. Thank you, son.

And he walked away with a clean report of 20/20 vision!

While I finished up at the front desk I looked out the window to see this sweet sight just outside the office waiting for me. #aww

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